book cover of Secret Submission

Secret Submission

(The eighth book in the Masters of Marquis series)
A novel by

Dear Mistress Julie,

I want to apologize for any fright or distress I might have inadvertently caused you. I don’t think I have, but just in case. I didn’t mean to worry you when I sent the gift to your house.

If you’d like to know who I am, I am willing to meet.

I haven’t revealed myself before because I’ve been unsure of what you would think. Of what everyone would think. But I’m tired of hiding.

I’ll be at Marquis next Friday in a booth by myself. I’ll have a bouquet of roses for you. If you would be open to joining me, I would love to try serving you for the evening. If not, I understand. I hope, at the very least, that I’ve given you some pleasure over the past year.

Yours, ever in admiration.

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