book cover of Taming Two Warriors

Taming Two Warriors

(Book 23 in the Kindred Tales series)
A novel by

Two Sisters in need of protection...

Two Warriors who have sworn to keep them safe...

With Melli and Liosh, it's love at first sight.

But Jodi and Vorn clash at once.

Will the sisters be safe?

And will they succeed at...Taming Two Warriors?

Jodi and Melli are sisters who are in grave danger. The scaly, lizard-like Varians are after both of them, which means both sisters need bodyguards.
Enter Vorn and Liosh. The two Kindred warriors are sworn to keep their charges safe, even at the cost of their own lives. But when they have to split up and live with the two sisters, things get complicated…

Jodi and Vorn drive each other crazy. Jodi can’t figure out why she finds the big Beast Kindred so annoying and Vorn has no idea what Jodi’s problem is. Will the two of them kill each other…or give in to the passion simmering just beneath the surface?

Melli and Liosh have an instant attraction. Liosh knows at once that Melli is the one for him—the female the Goddess has sent for him to Claim. But Melli has a shadowed past and she doesn’t believe she’ll ever be able to be with the tall Blood Kindred, no matter how much she loves him. Can Liosh heal her of her trauma so the two of them can bond?

The situation gets even more complicated when Jodi’s fiancé comes home and the Varians sniff her and Melli out. Now Vorn and Liosh are in a desperate race to save the women they love—will they succeed?
You’ll have to read Taming Two Warriors to find out…

**Author's note: Though I have tried to handle it sensitively, one of the characters in this book has a history of past sexual assault which may be triggering for anyone who has experienced sexual trauma in their history. Please read responsibly!***

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