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Stress Relief

A Novella by

Stress Relief is a work of short fiction, 10,000 words long. It also includes chapter 1 of Exiled, book 7 in the Brides of the Kindred series which adds another 5,000 words. Enjoy! : )

Andi Tibideaux has no life. As a controller for the CTA she spends her days in a dark little room overseeing a stable of highly trained assassins--cold blooded killers conditioned to do the agency's dirty work without question. She's stuck in her job since no one ever leaves the shadowy government agency and lives to tell about it, and she hasn't even been with a man for two years for fear of breaching protocol.

But her life goes abruptly from boring to terrifying when her best agent goes rogue. To her dismay, Andi is ordered to go relieve his stress personally by offering herself as a sexual outlet for his animalistic needs. Alpha is a huge, ruthless killer and Andi is sure that showing up at his door is suicide. She's frightened to death but having no choice, she follows orders.

Is she in for a night of terror and brutality? Or will giving herself to Alpha turn into an evening of passion and desire when she offers him...Stress Relief?

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