book cover of Mishka\'s Spanking

Mishka's Spanking

(The second book in the Institute series)
A novel by

After the Institute: Mishka's Spanking

Victor Saltanov and his partner, Andi are deeply in love and continue to "play" together as Papa and mishka in their off-hours. However, Salt hasn't dared to spank his beloved Andi since their time at the Institute. But discipline is part of the Daddy/Babygirl relationship. What will happen when Andi earns a spanking... and her Papa has to give her firm but loving correction? You'll have to read Mishka's Spanking find out.

***PLEASE NOTE--after Mishka's Spanking, this book contains the first 7 chapters of Abducted, the first book in Evangeline's new series, the Alien Mate Index. Here's a brief note from the head of the AMI to explain what it's all about:

Hello, and welcome to the Alien Mate Index, the premier site for finding the most exotic, rare, and succulent brides in the galaxy. Here at the AMI, we pride ourselves on offering only the best of the best--those females who were blessed with special abilities by the Ancient Ones, those who seeded our fair galaxy with life, praise their names.

We recently have come across a fine new planet, ripe for harvest. For years this planet--called "Earth" by its inhabitants--was locked against us. However, it has recently become accessible and we at the AMI assure you that its females are by far the most desirable of any world we have yet exploited.

Why not come and see for yourself? Any female you like can be yours for the right price. They have no idea we are watching them--no idea that at any time we can transport them to our station for the express purpose of becoming mates and concubines to some of the most powerful males in the galaxy. And there is nothing they can do about it.

Come today and see our fine selection. I assure you, you won't be disappointed.

Char'noth S'roth,
Lead Transportation and Sensitivity Exam Officer,
AMI Inc.

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