book cover of Kindred Tales Box Set Volume 5

Kindred Tales Box Set Volume 5

(A book in the Kindred Tales series)
An omnibus of novels by

Kindred Tales Volume Five contains: Instructing the Novice, Awakened by the Giant, and Hitting the Target all in one volume

Instructing the Novice:
A successful older woman determined to forgo love
A younger warrior who desires her desperately
When the two of them are sent to the sinister Tower of the Higher Mind
Where Lizabeth is Mistress and Lone is her Novice
Will it bring them together... or tear them apart?
You'll have to read Instructing the Novice to find out.

Awakened by the Giant:
A Giant Kindred devoted to science
Clones a beautiful woman to learn from her
But what Maddy teaches Calden is how to love
And love is forbidden--punishable by Death
Can they escape now that Maddy has been...Awakened by the Giant?

Hitting the Target:
A girl sent to kill the one she is dreaming of
Her target? A Kindred warrior with a beast inside
Can Mia complete her mission?
Or is Trey Hitting the Target when he aims for her heart?

**Author's Warning: Please be aware that there is a scene in Instructing the Novice that readers who have suffered attacks or abuse may find triggering. Please read with caution. (PS - I promise it all turns out okay in the end!
Hugs and Happy Reading! Evangeline)