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Forbidden Desire

(The fifth book in the Forbidden Omegaverse series)
A novel by

My adopted sister Delilah thinks she can do whatever she wants—even dancing at a sleazy “Gentleman’s Club” in downtown Tampa. I’ll show her what happens when she bares her body for strangers…tonight she dances only for me.

Cole: Ever since she came to live with my family, Delilah has been a little ray of sunshine in my life. There are no blood ties between us, but she’s still my little sister and I adore her. That is I did, until my parents died in an accident, which suddenly made me Packmaster of our Pack.

I tried to comfort Delilah, but I found myself wanting her in a way that wasn’t right. I put some distance between us but then Delilah started getting into all kinds of trouble. I’ve been bailing her out but her latest scheme is too much—I just got word that she’s started stripping at a sleazy club called The Doll House in downtown Tampa. Now my hand is itching to redden her lush behind and you’d better believe she’s going to find out what happens when she decides to bare her body for strangers!

Delilah: I didn’t start stripping for fun or because I needed the money—I only did it to get Cole’s attention. I’ve been in love with him almost from the moment we met, but the adoption ceremony that brought me into his family ensured that I would never be anything but his little sister.
Too bad I refuse to follow the rules.

Dancing at the Doll House gets me my big brother’s attention all right, but then things get dicey. In order to have him as my mate, I’ll have to go through with the ancient ritual called The Choosing Ceremony. Can I allow every Alpha in our Pack to take me in order to prove my love for Cole and have him claim me as his mate? You’ll have to read this
Enemies to Lovers,Forbidden Love, Touch Her and Die,Grump and Sunshine,Fur Play romance,ForbiddenDesire to find out.

**Author's note--please read my Author Warning at the beginning of the book before buying. If this book is too spicy for you, please go buy something else. Thank you for reading responsibly.

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