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Miss Independent

(The third book in the Storm Siblings series)
A novel by

The last thing Amanda Storm needs is a man in her life - but no matter where she goes, she can't seem to get rid of them.

After three marriages and a near-miss, Amanda decides to wash her hands of men once and for all and try living life on her own. She moves away from her family, buys a cottage and gets a job waiting tables at a busy local bar to put herself through college. But then she meets Joe, who appoints himself as her savior, and everything goes downhill from there.

Joe Baker knows a woman in trouble when he sees one. Amanda might be good at faking it, but she's in way over her head. As her neighbor, he's willing to help her with whatever she needs done around the old cottage, but she won't accept his help. All he can do is sit back and watch things fall apart around her, and try not to say I told you so when it happens. Somewhere along the way, his protective feelings turn into something more, but after three failed marriages, Amanda wants nothing to do with commitment. Joe isn't a man to give up, and he's determined to show her they're meant to be together - no matter what it takes.