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Phoenix Incantation by Jayne Rylon Amystia didn't think anything could be hotter than five-thousand wild years of passion with the most powerful vampire on Earth. Then she and her mate, King Dagan, began a steamy affair with his closest advisor. Threesomes with her two lovers were never supposed to be more than fun but, somehow, both her and Dagan's feelings have blossomed into something deeper than respect and friendship for Warren. As they are on the cusp of proposing a more permanent relationship, a terrible accident destroys all plans for the future. Dagan's life hangs in the balance. In a desperate bid to save him, Amystia and Warren invoke ancient magic through a steamy ritual. If they fail, they'll all be doomed to eternal darkness. If they succeed, can their eternal love rise from the ashes? His Rebellious Concubine by Nadia Adian Razan, the full-blood crown prince of the first house of Vladhal, has never had to work so hard for a woman in his entire existence. Shiyan is a half-blood, of the twelfth house, no less. She should be thanking him for offering her a place in his bed. But she is haughty and arrogant, her aloofness heating his blood, driving him to claim the one woman who doesn't seem to want him. Shiyan is turned off by Razan's conceit, for she is more than what she seems. He may have captured her body and claimed her as his concubine, but she vows he shall never have her ultimate surrender. For Razan wants the one thing she refuses to give - her heart. Make Me by Sierra Dafoe All her life, Larissa's motto has been "Make me". But none of the men she dates seem to grasp that she means it. Successful and self-confident, Larissa wants a man strong enough to overpower her - and doesn't believe she'll ever find him. That is, until she meets Adrian Dane. But Larissa doesn't sleep with clients. Not even when the client's a gorgeous, green-eyed vampire. Adrian knows immediately that Larissa's the soul mate he's spent centuries searching for - and he's determined to claim her. She's strong. He's stronger. She's stubborn. He's determined. He can make her succumb to him. He can drive her to erotic heights she's only dreamed of. The only thing he can't do is force her to turn vampire and join him forever. Drop Dead Sexy by Elisa Adams Faced with writing an article about men's sexual fantasies, Joy turns to her sexy neighbor Nathan for a little inspiration. She just wants him to answer a few questions, but Nathan has a more hands-on approach in mind and Joy is more than agreeable to spending some time between the sheets. She never imagined her neighbor is keeping secrets. Dark, deep secrets he never intended for her to learn. Nathan thinks he has it all worked out. Spend a little time getting to know his neighbor on a very intimate level, get her out of his system and move on. He doesn't realize that Joy has a secret of her own, and it threatens to tear both their worlds apart - or bind them together forever. Blood Law by Dominque Adair Ilsa was a woman on a mission. Her quest was to kidnap and seduce the Crown Prince Loren el Ranuth and in exchange for her sacrifice, she would gain much-needed protection for her people. Unbeknownst to her, she'd kidnapped the wrong man... Zane was no woman's toy... As a venerated member of the Lorai, the vampire warriors, Zane is feared throughout the galaxy. He wakes from a drugged stupor to find the beautiful Ilsa calling him by his twin brother's name and offering herself to him sexually. Zane takes the beautiful woman to bed and unknowingly becomes a pawn in a dangerous game of power and succession. Review quotes for Blood Law "Fast moving and sexy..." ~Susan Mobley, Romantic Times Magazine "The sexual tension is intense... I had to get a cup of iced tea after reading a few of the sex scenes. I can hardly wait for the next addition to the Xanthra Chronicle." ~Patricia McGrew, The Road to Romance "This highly erotic short story will leave you craving more."

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October 2013 : USA Paperback

Title: A Little Vamp
Author(s): Jane Rylon, Nadia Aidan, Sierra Dafoe, Elisa Adams, Dminique Adair
ISBN: 1-4199-7006-2 / 978-1-4199-7006-1 (USA edition)
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Availability: Amazon