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In Moonlight

An anthology of stories edited by

Full Moon Magic By J.C. Wilder Esme Proctor is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter in a legendary lineage of witches. Betrothed at a young age, she is whisked off to live in near solitude until the morning of her marriage. Desperate to escape her upcoming nuptials, she conjures a lover to take her virginity and free her from the betrothal contract. Only things don't work out quite as she expected... Half Moon Magick By Liddy Midnight The mage Black Isolde has long had visions of a gorgeous, sexy man. When he appears in the flesh, she can't be certain whether he's the man of her dreams or a nightmare of the worst kind: a Dark Mage. Harmon has devoted his life to the destruction of Dark Mages. His work has required him to walk a knife-edge between darkness and light. Isolde's purity balances the shadows he's acquired, but he may have spent too long in the darkness to ever be free of its taint. Wishful Thinking By Elisa Adams In need of a change of scenery, workaholic Jack Cullen takes a vacation to an isolated island in northern New England. He isn't prepared for the unusual antics of the inn's owner, a woman claiming to be a witch, or his powerful attraction to her mysterious niece. Mia just wants to live her life in peace. Raising her daughter by herself coupled with her job as a healer, she doesn't have much time to pursue a relationship. Since Jack is only around for a few weeks, he seems like the perfect solution to her loneliness - until the time comes for him to leave, and she finds herself wishing he'd stay.