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Special Agent Santa

A Novella by

A Special Investigations Agency story.Kat Langdon dreads Christmas. For all the parties and merriment, she feels more alone now than any other time of year. What she'd really love is super-delicious SIA agent Boone Granger in her stocking, or stockings, come Christmas morning. The man has sent her into thermonuclear meltdown for the last six months every time he swaggered by. His nickname is "long, tall Texan", and with the heated way he looks at her, she's wondered what "long" really refers to. If the reality is half as good as her fantasies, then his six-foot four-inch height isn't the only thing that's "long".But when Boone saunters into Kat's office and says he needs help transforming into Santa for an undercover job, she thinks all her Christmases may have come at once. It's goodbye fantasies, hello "real thing" and boy, can this Santa ring her bells!Boone has more than one reason for asking for Kat's help. The fact that he needs her hands and lips on him like he needs air to breathe is only one part of the problem. His powers of persuasion are about to be put to the ultimate test.