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Asylum Trilogy Bundle

(A book in the Asylum Trilogy series)
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This book contains all three novels in the Asylum Trilogy: Shadows Wait, Shadows Rise, and Shadows Fall.

In Shadows Wait, Lilly Luna and Morgan Healy must break through class differences to form a reluctant alliance and fight the evil that stalks Tranquil View Asylum.

In Shadows Rise, Nurse Annabelle Dorrenti and Army soldier Cade Hale have suffered through World War One. Cade blames Annabelle for his sister's death, and Annabelle's guilt has sent her to Tranquil View Asylum to care for shell-shocked soldiers. Drawn down to Annabelle, his growing attraction and respect for her demands he protect her, no matter what the risk. Cade and Annabelle step up to challenge a horror far more insidious than insanity.

In Shadows Fall, new age store owner Melissa Allan senses paranormal forces at work at the Tranquil View Condos. Ex-marine Roarke O'Bannion doesn't believe in the paranormal. He's come to Tranquil View for clues to his missing mother's disappearance. Melissa challenges everything he's believed in and makes him burn with desire. When a paranormal investigation team comes in, Melissa and Roarke fight a supernatural threat that wants to destroy anyone who dares trespass in its evil hallways.

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