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Beauty Ravished

A Novella by
With her best friend's invitation in hand, Cher heads out for a desperately needed vacation on an exotic island resort unlike any other-and finds herself at ground zero in a werewolf mating ritual. Nigel Franceour knows instantly that Cherry 'Cher' Roman isn't the woman he was expecting-she's human, not shewolf-but she defies every effort onhis part to protect her from the upcoming battle to claim a mate. Rating: CARNAL. Frank adult language and situations. Genre: Paranormal Romance.

The Romance Studio
Beauty Ravished
Reviewer: Tara Black

Beauty Ravished is another excellent story in what is, sort of, the Carnal series. Lycans and all that good stuff. It had the anticipated intense hero, and very hot love scenes. It also had a quirky, and not-so-submissive, heroine that managed to make me grin several times. Ms. Anwar's heroes are the draw for me, and Nigel is perfect for a romance. He has all the brooding sensuality romance heroes have had in the past but without the common borderline cruelty and domination. He can dominate, but in a GOOD way. I'd recommend this one for fans, and new readers looking for a hot paranormal.

Joyfully Reviewed
Reviewer: Talia Ricci

Beauty Ravished by Celeste Anwar was raw and gritty. Cher finds herself amongst wolves in human clothing, and even considering the danger, she couldn't have enjoyed herself more. Celeste Anwar never fails to deliver a powerful punch of paranormal eroticism.