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Celeste Anwar

Celeste Anwar was Born and bred in Louisiana, she loves setting books on her native soil and most especially loves writing about those sexy Cajun men
Carnal Desires
1. Carnal Appetite (2010)
2. Carnal Knowledge (2010)
3. Carnal Thirst (2010)
4. Born of Night (2003)
Carnal Desires (omnibus) (2005)
Project Nemesis
1. Wolfen Domination (2012)
2. Island Fever (2012)
Dragon Blood
1. Firedancer (2014)
1. Hunger (2016)
2. Need (2016)
3. Thirst (2016)
4. Fever (2016)
Carnal (omnibus) (2016)


Dark and Dangerous (2005) (with Marie Harte and Goldie McBride)
The Fallen (2005) (with Jaide Fox, Marie Morin and Kimberly Zant)
Slow Heat (2006) (with Alicia Sparks and Kimberly Zant)
At His Command (2008) (with Veronica Chase, Kimberly Zant and Megan Ziese)
Night Breed II (2010) (with Charlotte Boyett-Compo and Brenda Williamson)
The Anwar Collection (2010)
Shifters (2013) (with Jaide Fox)
of Fur & Fangs (2014) (with Teresa Gabelman, D'Elen McClain, Skhye Moncrief and Sky Purington)
Tempted (2014)
Wild for Shifters: Wolves (2017) (with Jaide Fox)
Ravenous: Alphas with Bite (2017) (with Jaide Fox)