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Sweet Cream

12 Book Excite Spice MEGA Bundle
A collection of stories by

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Their cups runneth over! This 12 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle is bursting with so many raw, sexy lactation stories, you'll be flooded with creamy goodness! These full, luscious matriarchs are achingly engorged and in need of sweet release. Inside you'll find nearly 90,000 words of women who have overflowing cleavage and gallons of rich, milky sustenance just waiting to be tapped.

We have loaded this collection with an abundance of lactating hotties from eleven of the genre's hottest authors. These women offer a torrent of cream that will leave you sated beyond your wildest dreams.

So take the plunge and drown yourself in this delicious bundle!

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Selena Kitt ~ Little Brats: Ursula
Cami Ayers ~ Milked by the Boss
Jade K. Scott ~ Fed By His Girls: 1 & 2
Ana Thalia ~ Milk Money
Ava Logan ~ Milked in the Elevator
Daisy Evans ~ Emily's First Day
Kassidia Pike ~ Tasting Megan
Lacy Tate ~ The Dairy Maid and the Trucker
Maisy Borten ~ The Dairymaid's Secret Desire
Velvet Cream ~ Feeding the Pack
Kaye Brandt ~ Le Leche Au Pair: Tory
Selena Kitt ~ Milk and Honey

Paperback Editions

October 2015 : Paperback
Title: Sweet Cream: 12 Book Excite Spice MEGA Bundle
Author(s): Selena Kitt, Maisy Borten, Velvet Cream, Kay Brandt, Ana Thalia, Ava Logan, Cami Ayers, Daisy Evans, Jade K Scott, Kassidia Pike, Lacy Tate
ISBN: 1-5176-9049-8 / 978-1-5176-9049-6
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA