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Cami Ayers

Cami Ayers loves bringing the naughty thoughts in her head to life in the pages of her stories. She enjoys using her creativity to brighten the day of her readers. Cami loves lounging in the pool with her husband and stays busy with family, but she's very happy to have readers who enjoy her stories.
Milked By the Boss
1. Milked By the Boss 1 (2014)
2. Milked By the Boss 2 (2014)
3. Milked By the Boss 3 (2014)
Milked by the Boss: The Box Set (omnibus) (2015)


1. The Nannys (2014)
2. The Nanny Gets Spanked (2014)
3. The Nanny's Day Off (2014)
4. Naughty Nannies (2015) (with Cassie Hazel)
5. More Naughty Nannies (2015) (with Cassie Hazel)
The Nanny Box Set (2015) (with Cassie Hazel)

Pregnant Cruises
Amy (2015)
Chastity (2015)
Alexa (2015)
Pregnant Cruises: The Box Set (omnibus) (2015)

I'm Pregnant!
1. Sarah's Fertile First Time (2015)
Teach Me! (2014) (with Giselle Renarde, Jade K Scott and Lexi Wood)
Knocked Up!: A Fertile Taboo Box Set (2014) (with Tawny Black, Saffron Daughter, Candy Kiss, Jade K Scott, Terry Towers and Lexi Wood)
Alpha Men In Authority (2014) (with Giselle Renarde, Jade K Scott, Sasha Song and Terry Towers)
Mega Box of Smut V. 1 (2015)
Mega Box of Smut V. 2 (2015)
After School Special (2015) (with Connie Cliff, Jamie Fairfax, Lloyd Feldspar, Eve Kaye, Selena Kitt, Katrina Millings, Allura Nyx, Vicki Savage, Kristianna Sawyer, Dita Selby, Sasha Shivers, Anita Swirl and Rebekka Tulaine)
Sweet Cream (2015) (with Maisy Borten, Kay Brandt, Velvet Cream, Daisy Evans, Selena Kitt, Ava Logan, Kassidia Pike, Jade K Scott, Lacy Tate and Ana Thalia)