Angelique Anjou

Angelique Anjou’s roots are cajun, but she makes her home now in the foothills of the Smokies, where she lives with her husband and son. As a late blooming Trekkie, science fiction and fantasy are the tales she cut her teeth on, and the genres, next to romance, that are most dear to her heart.

Orgasmizer 9000 and Other Stories (2005) (with Jaide Fox and Marie Morin)
Phoenix Rising II (2006) (with Elizabeth Baten-Carew, Jaycee Clark, Donna Grant and Mandy M Roth)
Spring Fling (2016) (with Georgeanne Hayes, Stacey St James, Goldie McBride, Madelaine Montague, Marie Morin, J P Robbs and Kimberly Zant)
Dragon Love II (2016) (with Jaide Fox, Goldie McBride, Kaitlyn O'Connor and Raven Willow-Wood)
Taming the Beast II (2016) (with Desiree Acuna, Barrymore Juliette, Sylvia Kincaid, Mandy Monroe, Marie Morin and Kaitlyn O'Connor)