book cover of Ursula\'s Caged Girls Book 1

Ursula's Caged Girls Book 1

(The first book in the Ursula's Caged Girls series)
A novel by

This is the first Book of an EXPANDED, REVISED and UNEXPURGATED VERSION of the best selling book originally published by Nexus as 'Emma's Submission', and now divided into two books due to its extreme length.
She was a young upper class married woman who in this story had escaped from the power of Ursula, a strict and terrifyingly ruthless woman who demands complete obedience from her girls and makes sure that she gets it. Ursula is now running a high-class secret lesbian brothel and wants Emma back to use her as her star performer and earner.
In the published version of the story, much of what then happened to Emma and to her companions

Indeed little did Emma guess what awaited her when she awoke to find herself manacled and muzzled, amongst the other girls in Ursula’s breeding cages.

Ursula’s Caged Girls (also formerly known as Ursula's Breeding Cages) is the first of the Ursula stories in which Emma was made to go right through the traumas of Forced Breeding and a strange maternity. It is a fascinating and highly erotic story of degrading domination in a variety of settings: of female degradation; of secret insemination and delivery; and of captivity.

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