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The Taking

(The fourth book in the Breeding Prophecy series)
A Novella by


"After reading just one of her stories, you'll find yourself wondering where Alexx Andria has been all your life." --Kelly Haven, best-selling author of the Diary of a Nympho and Barely Legal Babysitters series


An erotic paranormal short story following a woman destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy and the men who will defend her, love her, or die trying.

Cassandra was a normal college girl until one night she discovered she was anything but normal. Ignorant of her heritage, Cassandra is shocked to learn that she's not only a werewolf, but hand-selected by fate to save the world.

Cassandra is the top prize in a battle for supremacy among the rival clans but she just wants her life back the way it was before...
But fate has other plans.

Cassandra escapes the evil Ulster and believes she's running for the safety promised with Clan Barrachius but she is shocked when she receives a less than warm welcome by the Barrachius Alpha, Tieran. Caught in the ever-tightening web foretold by The Breeding Prophecy, Cassandra and Tieran must succumb to their desires, even if they can't stand one another. As all out impending war between the clans hovers on the horizon, Cassandra must give herself to the power of The Prophecy if any are to survive the bloodbath that will ensue.

A paranormal erotic short story of approximately 7,500 words that is on-going featuring strong women and even stronger Alpha werewolf men.

"I don't want this!" she shouted, her voice shaking as she struggled to her feet, mindless of her nudity. What did it matter now? There was nothing to hide from Tieran at this point. "I want to leave. I want to go back to college. I want to forget that I ever met any of you people! I had a life. I had goals and dreams. I wasn't some mindless freakish slut who spoke in tongues and wanted to screw anything with a dick!"
His eyes blazed, turning dark as he advanced, scooping her into the hard shelter of his arms before she could squeak a protest. "Do you think that I wanted this?" He didn't wait for an answer as he sneered softly. "You are not the only one being asked to sacrifice something. You may have stumbled onto your heritage but I've been shouldering the weight of this clan since I turned sixteen. It's been ground into my head that I must sire the Prophesied child to save the world from the hands of Clan Janus! So hear me when I say that just because I do not weep and wail, wringing my hands at the circumstance that I am not, in fact, grieving for what has been taken from me in the name of some fucking Prophecy!" He gave her a hard shake and then when she thought he might thrust her away from him as if she were diseased, he ground his mouth against hers in a short, brutal kiss that spoke of anger, pain and burning desire. He released her abruptly, his breath coming in short rasps as he glared. He held her stare for a long moment then as he regained some semblance of control, he said in an icy tone, "Never presume again, Cassandra. Ever. Now, stay put. I will return."
Her breath hitched in her throat on a cry as he closed the door and as soon as he was gone, she fell back onto the bed with a sob.

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September 2012 : USA, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: The Taking: (Werewolf romance) (The Breeding Prophecy Book 4)
Author(s): Alexx Andria
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