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Educating Daddy

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Serena is an insatiable little teenage slut who has set her sights on her stepdad! Now that she's in college, she's decided it's time to educate her scholarly stepfather in the fine art of sex.
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Dr. Tom was such a buttoned-down, old-fashioned gentleman-type that he never would've propositioned me openly but I started catching his gaze tracking my every move when he thought I wasn't watching. I saw the way his hungry stare roved my curves, the way he tried to hide the growing bulge in his tan slacks, and late at night, I heard his muffled moans from behind the wall we shared.

And it excited me to the point of losing my mind at the idea that my shy, super-smart step-daddy burned with shame because he desperately wanted to bury his cock inside me. Once, while my ear was pressed against the wall and my fingers softly strummed my clit, I listened with rapt attention to the way his breathing quickened and turned harsh as he stroked himself to completion. I pictured his hips jerking as he squirted hot cum all over his hand and I wanted to taste his thick cream on my tongue as it shot down my throat. I wanted to milk him dry, sucking every last drop from his balls until he gasped my name in total submission. I quietly came against that wall, wishing Daddy had been the one to make me cum instead of my finger.

Now, before you get all squicky because he's my step-dad, let's get this straight, I'd never laid eyes on the man until my mom brought him home a year ago. So, really, he was just a man to me -- but what made it ultra hot was that he suffered from some misguided notion that I was hands-off. It was really kinda cute how he tried so diligently to keep his eyes from straying too hard to the places I knew he wanted to taste and feel. Of course, I didn't make it easy for him. I dressed provocatively -- practically waving my tits and ass in his face whenever I had the chance -- and found any excuse I could to get him to touch me or vice versa. It'd become a fun, perverse game that he had no idea he was about to lose.
*Warning! This 5,000 word short story features anal and oral sex that is intended for mature readers only!

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December 2011 : USA, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Teacher's Favorite (Taboo erotica)
Author(s): Alexx Andria
Publisher: Alexx Andria
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