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Backstage Ass

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Tiffani is a rock star groupie who loves to go backstage to fuck the band! When she's dressed to score some cock, she always gets her man. Spend a night with Tiffani as she uses her All Access pass to get all the hard-core fucking she desires and then some!

This short story is approximately 4,300 words and intended for mature audiences only!
Enjoy an excerpt:

The music was already thumping, bouncing from the crush of bodies jammed into the tiny club, and I felt a tingle low in my pussy as excitement started to build. My stare settled on the lead singer, Johnny Trash, a man-whore of the first-rate from what I'd heard. He liked it dirty and rough. And he loved to shove his cock up a tight ass. My kind of guy.

I smiled and within seconds, a drink appeared in my hand. Rick always made sure his party
girls were well-supplied with liquor to settle the nerves and get the party started right. It didn't matter that I wasn't quite twenty-one and looked all of eighteen; I had a fake ID and it had always gotten me through the doors, which was all they checked anyway. I downed my whiskey shot -- no sissy girlie drinks for me -- and relished the slow burn on my throat. I moved away from the bar and surveyed the competition. I wanted first dibs. There were plenty of rock sluts in the crowd; they were easy to spot when you knew what you were looking for. There were even a few faces I recognized. Some of us traveled the same circuit, fucked the same cocks. But I preferred to give everyone else my sloppy seconds, not the other way around.

By the time the band ended their set, I was nicely tuned and ready for action.

Rick tossed me an all-access backstage pass and I grinned before ducking into the band's green
room. Typical of most rock bands, the room was trashed. Alcohol bottles littered the floor in various stages of emptiness, and a stray pizza box could be seen tossed in a corner. On the table, a mound of condoms awaited for use. I grabbed a handful and stuffed them in my purse. The door burst open and the band, lead by Johnny filed loudly into the room. I could fairly see the adrenaline and testosterone in the air. It slicked my insides until I was almost dripping with the need to feel a cock inside me. This was the part I loved the most -- the anticipation of the unknown.

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Kindle Editions

December 2011 : USA, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Backstage Ass (Rockstar erotica)
Author(s): Alexx Andria
Publisher: Alexx Andria
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