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To Please the Billionaire

An erotic tale of a dominant alpha male & female submissive
A Novella by
Annie Hill was never appreciated by boys. She worked 40 hours a week to put herself through school and then 60 hours to pay for her little brother. She was independent, self-reliant and didn't need anyone, especially a man... or so she thought.

Lonely and tired, Annie is approached by an elegantly dressed gentleman, Jarvis. His wealthy employer wants to hire her as a dinner companion in exchange for a penthouse apartment, a generous salary and a 5 figure monthly wardrobe stipend. It's an opportunity Annie can't pass up and only after living like a princess for 3 months does she meet her handsome benefactor. Staring into his eyes as the nighttime cityscape lights twinkled behind him, everything seems perfect.

Annie, who was promised that sex wouldn't be required, learns how hard it is to resist the will of a powerful, dominant man who has changed her life. And fighting her lusts every step of the way, her benefactor offers her everything she could ever desire in exchange for only one thing; her acceptance of what he has wrapped in a small silver box. Nervously unwrapping the unassuming package, what she finds within leads her into a world of unimaginable sexual pleasures, changing her life forever.

8,000 words

Coming soon - 'To Please the Billionaire 2'
*Please note that this story contains erotic and sexual situations tastefully written for mature readers only.

Annie continued to stare at the illuminated nighttime city skyline as she felt the man's warm hand touch her leg. He was standing behind her exploring her body and she didn't know what to do. Freezing as she did in the doorway, she followed his touch as it separated into 5 fingertips that massaged even further between her legs.

Annie's face flushed as she explored her feelings. No man had touched her there since her awkward 16-year-old boyfriend had accidently taken her virginity from her. She hadn't meant to have sex with him, but in the confusion of fingers and touches, she had lost her innocence regretting every moment once she had.

This man's touch wasn't like the 16-year-old's, though. This one's seemed to know what he was doing. It was like he was strumming a cord that led deep into her nether region. And every time he plucked it, she fell further under his spell.

As the man's large hands touched the delicate cotton of her panties, Annie could barely breathe. Fighting for breath words tumbled out of her mouth. "I was told that sex wouldn't be required."

"Sex isn't required," he casually replied. "You may go if you'd like."

Though allowing her to leave with his words, his hands were another story. His fingers, with their gentle exploration, demanded her to stay. Before she knew it, her pelvis rocked under his touch like a building swaying in the wind. And as his fingers found her engorged nub, Annie gave in.

Annie swallowed as her head rocked from side to side. Again feeling her mind float away she lost herself in the undulations of his rubbing. Her panties were becoming wet and she knew it. She didn't know what she would unleash if she let herself go in his hands but unable to move, she knew she had no choice but to find out.

Annie's teeth chattered as a powerful feeling worked its way into her loins. As a rule, she never touched herself and now possessed with lust, she felt unprepared. She wanted to scream but couldn't. She wanted to fall to the ground but couldn't. All she could do was quiver and shake as the pleasure that he gave her overwhelmed her thoughts. And as if in a waking dream, she was overcome by a tidal wave of emotions that painted imagines under her eyelids in shimmering shades of red and pink. She had never felt so alive, and when her loins pulsed, every muscle in her body clamped and released in pleasure.

Kindle Editions

September 2012 : USA, Canada, UK Kindle edition
thumbTitle: To Please the Billionaire (An erotic tale of a dominant alpha male & female submissive)
Author(s): Alex Anders, A A Alpha
Publisher: RateABull Publishing
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA