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Spanking Her Curves

Spanking Her Curves

(The first book in the Spanking Her Curves series)
A Novella by
'SPANKING HER CURVES' is the latest release from international bestselling author Alex Anders and is for those who love short stories where full-figured women, not only get their gorgeous guys, but get a little spanking on the side.

Bella Jacobs thought that her curvy body prevented her from finding a great guy. Dylan Cole, her best friend with the lean body, rippling abs and stunning eyes didn't think so. And whenever Bella disagreed, he put her over his knees and gave her a friendly spanking as punishment. But when his hand stopped spanking and starts seductively caressing Bella's bare bottom, it ignites Bella's deeply suppressed passion for Dylan, and she must decide if she will let her passion change their lives forever.

9,500 words.

*Please note that this story contains very explicit descriptions of erotic and sexual situations written for extreme genital arousal which will lead to self-pleasure. Mature readers only.

Full figured, curves, bdsm, spanking, female submission, friends to lovers, BBW

"Oh no," she said smiling. "My turn."

Bella rubbed her hands against his clothed chest and it felt like she had always dreamed that it would. It curved and fell under her fingertips making her body tingle. She then unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his lightly hairy chest. Dylan's body was toned and fit. His abs rippled like the guys in magazines, and sliding her hand over the peaks and valleys for the first time made her engorged lips ache.

Bella glided her hands down to the bulge pushing on his pants. This was the last barrier of their friendship. She was hesitant to touch him there, but she couldn't stop herself; nor did she want to. With her feelings for him unlocked, she wanted all of him.

Bella unbuttoned his pants and allowed his size to poke through his zipper. She too savored the moment, and when he had stepped out of his jeans, she looked up into his eyes.

Dylan's angular face and soft eyes made her heart skip a beat. Without looking down, Bella slipped her hand onto Dylan's clothed c**k. It was warm and filled her hands. To her delight it was pulsating. She swallowed as she fought for breath.

Slipping her hand in his waistband, she pulled down his underwear. Without looking, his briefs hooked for a moment before it freed itself and slid down his thighs. Still locked into his relaxed gaze, she kneeled as she slid his underwear to his ankles. Finally, with her face inches from his cock, she broke his gaze and looked at it. It was ridged and strong and everything she had always imagined it to be. Allowing it to brush her cheek before standing, she was ready and wanting for anything he would do next.

Audio Editions

February 2013 : USA Audio edition
Title: Spanking Her Curves
Author(s): Alex Anders, Virgin Curves
Publisher: RateABull Publishing
Availability: Amazon   

February 2013 : UK Audio edition
Title: Spanking Her Curves
Author(s): Alex Anders, Virgin Curves
Publisher: RateABull Publishing
Availability: Amazon UK   

Kindle Editions

February 2013 : USA, Canada, UK Kindle edition
Title: Spanking Her Curves (BBW Erotica Romance)
Author(s): Alex Anders, Virgin Curves
Publisher: RateABull Publishing
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA