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Forbidden Alpha Males

Forbidden Alpha Males

An omnibus of novels by
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'COMING OF AGE FANTASIES: FORBIDDEN ALPHA MALES BOX SET' is a re-release of international best sellers from bestselling author Alex Anders. It is for readers who love short stories where young, beautiful women explore their emerging sexuality with thrilling alpha males.

Four stories where beautiful, lustful girls become entangled in heart pounding adventures while trying to seduce the dangerous new men in their lives.

Mile High Man:
Fox, a wild, 19-year-old girl, throws her inhibitions (and clothes) into the wind during her skydiving lesson inviting Hunter, her gorgeous instructor, and the new man-of-the-house, to join the Mile High Club. Hunter has something else in mind though, and the two are thrown into a thrill ride that sends the nubile beauty's heart racing for the sexy, dangerous Hunter.

The Fireman:
Faith loves fire almost as much as she loves firemen. So when Fireman Chase moves into her house, Faith can't resist seeing the sexy, muscular fireman in action. But as her loins burns for Chase, the only person who needs rescuing is her.

Shark Diver:
Kristen finds herself incontrollable aroused by the scary danger of sharks. So when she finds out that Brander, the sexy new man-of-the-house, is a shark diver, she can't keep her eyes off of him. And when he takes her on her first shark dive in the Bahamas, Kristen can't help but give in to her pulsating lust for him... even as a 12-foot hammerhead shark circles them both.

Since Celine was a child, she held her stuffed bears between her legs and imagined naughty things. Now 18-years-old, Celine has a new man-of-the-house, Christian. Rugged and sexy, Christian is the ranger at a bear sanctuary. And as her young body throbs for the dangerous ranger, Celine devices a plan to fulfill her greatest fantasy.

24,000 words

*Please note that this story contains BDSM and very explicit descriptions of erotic and sexual situations written for the sole purpose of extreme genital arousal which will lead to self-pleasure. Mature readers only.

Gripping onto the back of her underwear, he eased her panties down over her rounded ass. Lifting her legs into the air, he pushed them up her legs allowing them to sit on the bottom of her feet. Celine, then taking the cloth between her toes, stretched one leg out and dropped it onto the ground giving the ranger a full view of her little pu**y. It was shaved and as pink as a bloomed rose.

Christian extended his tongue and touched the bean that pushed through her swollen flesh. Celine reacted with delight.


Feeling encouraged he pressed his tongue against her harder. And when her body went stiff, he let go her legs to spread apart her pu**y lips.

"You're a virgin!" Christian said in surprise.

Getting up onto his elbows, he stared down at Celine's face which blushed in reply.

"You're beautiful!" Christian admitted filling with warmth.

With Celine's face turning a bright red, Christian lowered his head into her crotch. Licking on the area just outside her clit, he teased her. Tracing his tongue in for a second before trailing it back out made her tingle. And circling his tongue around the outside of her lips made her moan.

"More!" She begged not knowing what to ask for.

Kindle Editions

November 2013 : USA Kindle edition
Title: Coming of Age Fantasies: Forbidden Alpha Males (Boxed Set 3) (M/F Erotica)
Author(s): Alex Anders
Publisher: RateAbull Publishing
Availability: Amazon