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Bred for the Billionaire's Heir

An Erotic tale of BDSM, Alpha Male Dominance and Female Submission
A Novella by
Jasmine Cameron didn't have enough experience in love to know what she didn't want, but she knew what she did want; it was the sea swept, mysterious stranger whose steely gray eyes ignited her body and robbed her of her will. Drawn onto his yacht by his powerful allure, she wakes up on his private island engaged in a life changing sexual game at which he is the master and her submission is the prize. (Mommy Porn)

9,500 words.

*Please note that this story contains erotic and sexual situations tastefully written for mature readers only.

Jasmine wilted with the stranger so close. He was tall and thick, and with him almost on top of her, she could smell the sea. Still with her body turned toward the mirror, she felt his large strong hands swipe around her body, slide up her small torso and grab her breast. The sparks that flew through her body weakened her knees.

With the stranger's other hand clamped onto her left leg, Jasmine's head fell back. She wanted to be kissed. Boys had kissed her before but none of them had made her feel like this. She wanted to be kissed by a man. Moving her lips closer and closer to his, she fought for breath in anticipation.

When their lips finally met, she knew that she was his. They were strong and warm, and when his lips pried her mouth open, she became his supple clay pushed and tugged by his tongue as if she had no will but his.

A wave of pleasure crested and crashed out of her with a groan when to her surprise the chiseled stranger moved his hand up her skirt pushing aside her soft frilly underwear. No boy would have ever had been so direct with her. She was in a new territory and she liked it. Now with his tongue filling her mouth and his hand kneading her breast, his finger searched for the gentle protrusion which held her sex. And when he found it, the sensation swept her off of her feet.

All of Jasmine's body curled around the stranger. With both of her feet leaving the ground, she bent them back around him like an octopus consuming its prey. Her arms gripped onto the back of his neck and by the time she was through she splayed over him like a second skin whose center was the sensitive nub that undulated back and forth under his touch.

"Ahh," she moaned feeling a force that she had never felt. "Ahh!" She groaned louder gripping onto his perfect body tighter.

Jasmine's body shook and froze all at the same time. Her toes, her fingers and tongue had all gripped onto whatever it could find. But her insides rattled. They hummed. And with a sudden pulse that she had only read about in stories, her loins let go a flood of sensations that rendered her soul useless but for the understanding and devouring of pleasure. Jasmine felt her mind let go of her body for a moment and when she came to, she found her feet again touching the ground and her arms sliding off of her man and hitting her side dead.

Audio Editions

November 2012 : USA Audio edition
thumbTitle: Bred for the Billionaire's Heir
Author(s): Alex Anders
Publisher: RateABull Publishing
Availability: Amazon   

November 2012 : UK Audio edition
thumbTitle: Bred for the Billionaire's Heir
Author(s): Alex Anders
Publisher: RateABull Publishing
Availability: Amazon UK