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Black Magic Double Team

Rough M/M/F Menage Domination Erotica
A Novella by
Kat feels neglected by her boyfriend Brand, so when a voodoo queen finds Kat worthy of a wish, Kat wishes for a large, hung, beautiful black lover that burns for her body. Quickly, Kat dreams about an ebony prince emerging from a foggy pond in an endless, fiery pursuit of her. And unsure if he is real or just a dream, Kat is seduced by a Black Magic that overwhelms her and reveals her lily white boyfriend's greatest secret. (This story includes aggressive consensual sex)

7,250 words

*Please note that this story contains very explicit descriptions of erotic and sexual situations written for extreme genital arousal which will lead to self-pleasure. Mature readers only.

When Kat entered the bedroom, the room was already starting to wobble. Drinking often had two effects on her; it made her horny, and it put her to sleep. She was already horny, and after dropping her robe onto the floor and getting into the bed naked, she quickly fell asleep.

That night she dreamt of a brightly moonlit night. She pictured an open grassy field surrounding a small pond. Next to the pond was a large tree with moss hanging from it, and as a fog rolled off the pond she heard an old woman's voice chanting from somewhere near the tree.

As the chanting got louder, the fog got thicker. And when the fog piled 5 feet on top of itself, it collapsed pouring the moisture onto the open field. Feeling her heart thump as the chanting grew louder, the surface of the water rippled. At first it was like a pebble being dropped in a pond. But after a second the waves crossed over one another causing the water to become awash with movement.

When a driving, hypnotic drumbeat was added to the chanting, Kat could feel herself become weak, and when something popped past the surface of the water, she couldn't breathe. Higher and higher the thing rose out of the water until what emerged was a dark bald head followed by a forehead and mesmerizingly white eyes.

When the dark creature, which seemed half man half beast, stepped forward, its full face emerged. It was noble and strong. In an era long ago, this would have been the face of the fiercest warrior in all the land. And the broad shoulders and bulging pecs that surfaced next, looked incredibly powerful and strong.

When the beast's defined abs appeared, Kat felt her breathing become erratic. Everything about this man was taking her breath away. And when the long full hanging c*ck slowly broke through the surface of the water, Kat became lightheaded. As if she were standing on the edge of the pond watching him emerge, she felt herself fall onto her knees staring at him agasp.

When the man/beast saw Kat, his pure white eyes locked on her taking her in. His unwaveringly focused gaze made Kat feel like she was naked. And as if he had never seen such a white, naked woman before, he took a step toward Kat causing her heart to sink.

Kat didn't know what to do as the ebony god ran toward her. In the dream it felt like she had stumbled backward clambering to get away. It felt to her that she was crawling across the wet grass with her bare ass lightly touching the blades as she receded, but she couldn't be sure.

What she did know was that when the powerful black beast traversed the space and was almost on top of her, his eyes locked on her. Staring down at her, everything inside of him was locked on her. And without saying a word, his soul screamed, "I want you!"

Kat sprang up from her bed taking a deep breath.

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Kindle Editions

August 2012 : USA, Canada, UK Kindle edition
thumbTitle: Black Magic Double Team (Rough M/M/F Menage Domination Erotica)
Author(s): A A Menage, A A Gaye, Alex Anders
Publisher: RateABull Publishing
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA