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Whiskey Shots: Volume 4

A collection of stories by
Alastair Archibald, best-selling fantasy weaver of the CHRONICLES OF GRIMM DRAGONBLASTER, pens two short stories of fantasy, mystery, and suspense in this edition of the WHISKEY SHOTS short stories series.

"Frozen Stiff" (Mystery-Suspense): Jack Forster is a cold, hard-hearted man. When the end of the world comes, he prepares to face it with his customary sang-froid. But all is not as it seems?

"The Last Laugh" (Fantasy- Mystery): Business executive Stirling Arthur has had a busy day. After losing his precious, painstaking report to a computer malfunction, he first faces a fearsome dragon and then has to convince the sympathetic staff of a mental hospital of his sanity. Is Stirling's memory no more than the twisted artifact of an overworked brain? Only an ancient, long-forgotten god knows the truth.