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Emma was born in Minnesota and she lives in the Midwest, though she grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She attended Illinois State University where she majored in geology, and there she met her husband, Chris. They have three children, a temperamental cat named Poot, and are lucky enough to live on a beautiful lake. Emma Wildes's page on Fantastic Fiction

Under a Full Moon
1. Hostage Moon (2005)
2. Wicked Moon (2007)
3. Traitor's Moon (2007)
Under the Full Moon (omnibus) (2007)
Dangerous Beauties
1. Mortal Melody (2006)
2. Bedding a Traitor (2006)
Dangerous Beauties (omnibus) (2007)
Sinful Gentlemen
1. The Manuscript (2006)
2. Midnight Without a Moon (2006)
The Sinful Gentlemen (omnibus) (2006)

Secret Sins
The Arrangement (2007)
Ritual Passion (2007)
Secret Sins (omnibus) (2007)
Servicing Lady Tremayne (2007)
Reformed Rakes
1. The Letter (2007)
2. Compromising Situations (2007)
3. A Woman Seduced (2008)
Reformed Rakes (omnibus) (2008)

Fables & Myths
Labyrinth (2007)
The Merman (2007)
Riding West (2007)
Lawless (2008)
Untamed (omnibus) (2009)
Improper Ladies
1. Savage Shores (2007)
2. Incomparable (2009)
3. Can't Say No (2009)
Wicked Warlock Society
1. One for Love (2008)
Notorious Bachelors
1. My Lord Scandal (2010)
2. Our Wicked Mistake (2010)
3. His Sinful Secret (2010)
Ladies in Waiting
1. One Whisper Away (2011)
2. Twice Fallen (2012)
3. The Third Duke's The Charm (2012)
Spanish Lullaby (2011)

Whispers of Scandal
1. Ruined By Moonlight (2012)
2. A Most Improper Rumor (2013)
Wickedly Yours
1. Wicked All Night (2014)
2. Isn't He Wicked (2014)
Winter Wishes Anthology (2006) (with Tilly Greene)
Fall Fires (2006) (with Trinny Anthony, Barbara Baldwin, Mary ongjoco Chapman, Jamie Hill, Jenna Howard, C'ann Inman, Karen Mandeville, Sherrill Quinn and Emma Sinclair)
Lust (2007) (with Louise Bohmer, Barri Bryan, Kristina Diesen, Jamie Hill, Jane Leopold Quinn, Susan M Sailors, Cheri Valmont, Lois Wencil and Brenda Williamson)
Rapture, Volume 1 (2008) (with Morgan Ashbury, Gracie C McKeever and Lara Santiago)
A Torrid Celebration Anthology (2008) (with Honey Jans, Monica M Martin, Christy Poff, Melissa Schroeder and Cheri Valmont)
Seducing the Highlander (2010)
Emma Wildes recommends

Svetkavista (2008)
Kayleigh Jamison
"I cannot reccommend Kayleigh Jamison enough."

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