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Favorite Fucks

The Rock Star
A Novella by

It takes Lisa about 5 seconds to name her favorite, most passionate sexual encounter: It was the night she threw her shy nature to the wind, discovered her inner slut, and pleasured a rock star like a crazed groupie. This steamy romp begins with a normal walk home from work and ends with Lisa wobbling out of a hotel, drunk on pleasure, and she'll confess everything to you in this steamy 4500-word story about a wild, inhibition-free night!

Lisa's sordid tale is the first in a new series from Ellie Saxx.

*** This book can also be found in "Favorite Fantasies, Vol. 1," a collection of Ellie's favorite erotic stories! ***

Warning: This story contains graphic descriptions of M/F sex acts. It is intended for mature audiences only.


(Adult content follows. Mature readers only. This excerpt has been modified to meet publishing guidelines.)

We met up with Joe's driver in the parking lot and hopped into this big black SUV with tinted windows. It was like a whirlwind. I couldn't believe what was happening! An hour earlier I'd been walking home from work, and now here I was riding to Joe's hotel!

We were making out as soon as the driver shut the door. There was a glass partition between us and the front seats, and pink neon lighting running along the floor.

Like I said earlier, I was going to seize this opportunity. Once in a lifetime, right? It was like a movie, one in which I could be finally be the slutty lead. As soon as I could, I straddled Joe and took his face in my hands. I pressed against him and kissed him deeply, passionately, feeling his soft lips on mine and then shocked by the incredible burning desire growing inside of me. Joe's hands were already under my shirt, running up and down my back, and his touch was electric. He had my bra unhooked in a flash, moving so smoothly I giggled. He brought his hands to the front and cupped my breasts firmly against me, roughly shoving the bra up and out of the way.

We were exchanging deep, probing kisses. His tongue met mine and neither one of us yielded, instead enjoying each other's sensual wetness and heat. We were sloppy, our lips slick as we greedily nipped and mouthed, occasionally stopping to pull back for a deep breath or thrilled laugh.

"Your tits are amazing," Joe said, during a brief break. I gnawed on his neck, taking in his musky scent, and he twisted my nipples playfully. I squirmed in delight. "Fucking incredible," he said, more than once.

I could feel his hardness as I wriggled my hips. I centered myself on him and it almost felt like he was doing me right then and there. I gasped.

"You're huge," I whispered into his ear. "It feels like you're inside of me."

"You like that?" he said, breathing heavier as we ground ourselves together. "You like the big ones?"

"More than anything," I said, tonguing his earlobe, nipping him devilishly. "I can't wait until it comes out to play."



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