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Erotic romance author by night, emergency room tech/clerk by day, Marteeka Karland works really hard to drive everyone in her life completely and totally nuts. She has been creating stories from her warped imagination since she was in the third grade. Her love of writing blossomed throughout her teenage years until it developed into the totally unorthodox and irreverent style her English teachers tried so hard to rid her of. Now, she breathes life into faeries, space hunters, werewolves, vampires, shapeshifters, and a few just plane ole ordinary people. She loves to see the awkward, self-conscious band geek get the captain of the football team and make him beg for it.

Marteeka loves pretty pictures. When she was introduced to DAZ Studio, she decided she'd try making her own. Took her a while, but one thing led to another and she eventually got pretty good at it. Her relationship with J and J began in the Fall of 2009 and, together, they've created some pretty amazing images. Marteeka loves to try new techniques and watch her style grow and change at every opportunity. Though she admires many digital artists, Ulf and Angela Knight are two artists she idolizes. Don't tell them though. They might get an idea of how much she dearly loves both of them.
Executive Decisions
1. By the Numbers (2007)
2. One Night Only (2010)
3. Hidden Agenda (2009)
4. Research Only (2009)
5. Executive Decisions (2013)
Chai Latte (2013) (with Elizabeth Jewell)

Frozen Earth
1. Lionsbane (2009)
4. Lionsheart (2009)
Shifter's Coven
1. Alpha (2010)
2. Healer (2010)
3. Hunter (2010)
1. Darkling Lust (2010)
2. Darkling Possession (2010)
Darkling (2014)
Badland Warriors
2. Spartans (2011)
3. Comanche (2011) (with Shara Azod)
1. White Russian (2011)
2. Vodka Shots (2011)
3. Molotov Cocktail (2012)
Rx for Pleasure
Rx for Pleasure (2014)
Snow Wolf (2011)
Fire Wolf (2012)
Shadow Wolf (2012)
Savage Wolf (2012)

Boys of Summer (with Shara Azod)
The Dominant (2011)
The Poltician (2011)
Year of the Dragon (with Shara Azod)
1. Dragon Claiming (2012)
2. Dragon Sacrifice (2012)
Sweet Tart (2012)
31 Days of Steamy Mocha (with Shara Azod)
Triple Mocha Twist (2012)
Force Me (with Shara Azod)
1. Asking For It (2012)
2. The Alley (2012)
4. The Princess (2012)
The Office Christmas Party (2012)
Thor's Yule (2012)
Force Me Volume One (omnibus) (2013)
Bountiful (2013)

1. Vampsblood (2012)
Memphis Heat (with Shelby Morgen)
1. Stakeout (2013)
2. Streetwise (2013)
3. StrikeForce (2013)
4. Takedown (2013)
Memphis Heat (2015)

Hero's Crossing
A Hero to Rescue Me (2013)
Illicit (Box Set) (2016)
Anchors Away (with Shara Azod)
Batten Down the Hatches (2014)
Mount Bell
1. Born on the 4th of July (2014)
2. The Witching Hour (2014)
3. Opposites Attract (2014)
The Arena (2014) (with Shara Azod)
Captured (2014) (with Shara Azod)
Sold for Pleasure (2014) (with Shara Azod)
Unrest (2014)
Gladiator Wolf (2014)
Taken by the Wolf King (2015)

Elemental Love
1. Master of Fire (2015)
2. Goddess of Water (2015)
3. God of Earth (2015)
4. Goddess of Air (2015)

1. Alexander (2015)
Boudica (2015)
Wolf (2008) (with Dakota Cassidy, Sierra DaFoe and Kira Stone)
God of Fire (2009)
Shara & Friends Naughty Bites: Vol 4 (2009) (with RaeLynn Blue, Savannah J Frierson, Reana Malori and Tigra-Luna)
A Changeling For All Seasons (2010) (with Kate Douglas, Kate Hill, Sahara Kelly, Angela Knight, Judy Mays, Shelby Morgen, Willa Okati and Lacey Savage)
Bedtime Stories: Shut Up! (2010)
All Wrapped Up: Vol. 3 (2011) (with Lena Austin, Jade Buchanan and Emma Ray Garrett)
Lionsblood (2012)
The Third Wednesday (2013) (with Shara Azod)
A Marine for Selah (2013) (with Shara Azod)
Paradise Island (2013) (with Shara Azod)
Boss Lady (2013) (with Shara Azod)
Giving Thanks (2013) (with Shara Azod)
Tricking Loki (2014) (with Shara Azod)
Spaceport Vol. 2 (2014) (with Mikala Ash, Lena Austin and Shelby Morgen)
Jack-O-Lanterns (2014) (with Lia Connor, Kate Hill, Michelle Hoppe, Isabella Jordan, Willa Okati and Marie Treanor)
A Changeling For All Seasons 4 (2014) (with Lena Austin, Sean Michael Bailey, Isabella Jordan, Anne Kane, B J McCall, Tuesday Richards, Lacey Savage, Cynthia Sax and Marie Treanor)
The Magical Forest (2015)
Sexy Holiday Delights (2015) (with Shara Azod, RaeLynn Blue, Chaeya, Gynger Fyer, Jeanie Johnson, Kassanna, Serenity King, Jayha Leigh, Reana Malori and Tiffany Monique)

Series contributed to

Dawg Town (with Camille Anthony, Lena Austin, Carlanime Bligh, Anne Kane, Dawn Montgomery, Tuesday Richards and Mary Winter)
Dawg Town Tails (2014)
Bedtime Stories (with Lena Austin, Renee George, Anne Kane, B J McCall, Shelby Morgen and Hunter Raines)
Bedtime Stories (2014)