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Dark Secrets

Dark Secrets

XXX Erotica Swingers Sex Stories
(A book in the Hot Wife Sex Stories series)
A Novella by
The world's greatest erotica writer, Lexi Hunt proudly presents DARK SECRETS (Hot Wife Sex Stories) - Incredibly hot sex stories featuring erotica threesome swingers sex stories and xxx swinging couples!


WARNING: Explicit content for adults only! All characters are over eighteen, and no characters are related by blood!


Lacy has a dark secret that no one else knows. When her husband finds out he has a decision to make...and Lacy's fate hangs in the balance.


She straddled him on his desk chair and pressed one firm breast into his mouth, her body on fire with lust. "Honey, what if somebody comes in..." he mumbled around her soft flesh.

"Fuck 'em," she breathed, "they'll have to wait their turn." David went wild, fumbling with his pants and shucking them down to his ankles. He thrust up into her and she shivered and moaned at the feel of him. The wildness was on her again, and she grabbed his head in both hands, her eyes locked on his and freezing him in place. "David," she said hoarsely, "stick that big thing in my ass baby." She wiggled on his cock. "Please?" she pleaded.

Completely taken aback by his wife's wanton behavior, it took David about three seconds to decide that he couldn't pass up his wife's inexplicable opportunity like this had never come his way before and might never pass his way again. It briefly occurred to him that it was possible Lacy was having an affair and was overcome by guilt. He tossed the thought away as soon as it crossed his mind. If she was having an affair and it made her into the sexual dynamo that had let him cum in her mouth and was now offering her previously sacrosanct ass to him, he didn't care if she was fucking elephants at the zoo. With his mind now free of restraint, he centered the head of his cock on the tight puckered ring of her ass.

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Kindle Editions

April 2015 : USA, Canada, UK Kindle edition
Author(s): Lexi Hunt
Publisher: Taboo Sex & Forbidden Temptation Publishing
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA