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Terri Anne Browning

Having had a passion for reading from the time my aunt first handed me my first romance, I slowly grew bored with just reading. I wanted to control the characters, make them into who I wanted them to be and that way I was never disappointed with the endings. I soon learned that it isn't always that easy.
The characters control the author. But that is all part of the fun when creating a new story. Seeing where these people take you on their journey to find their soul-mate has become my new passion and getting to incorporate my love of music--Rock music in particular--has been a dream come true.

Thanks for taking this crazy ride with me, and I can't wait to see where we go next!

Angels Halo
1. Angel's Halo (2014)
2. Entangled (2014)
3. Guardian Angel (2015)
4. Reclaimed (2016)
Lucy & Harris
1. Catching Lucy (2015)
2. Craving Lucy (2015)
Reese (2012)