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Jaid Black

(Tina M Engler)
USA (1972 - )

aka Tia Isabella

USA Today bestselling author, Jaid Black, is the nom de plume of publishing magnate Tina M. Engler. The owner and founder of Ellora's Cave Publishing and Cerridwen Press, she also writes novels for Pocketbooks. Tina has been featured in every available media, from Forbes magazine to major newspapers like the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Washington Post, and the LA Times, to various radio programs, to TV spots on Fox News and the Montel Williams Show.
Trek Mi Q'an
1. The Empress' New Clothes (2000)
2. No Mercy (2001)
3. Enslaved (2009)
4. No Escape (2001)
4. Conquest (2003)
5. No Fear (2009)
7. Never a Slave (2007)
Seized (2002)
Devilish Dot (2004)
Dementia (2007)
Guide to Trek Mi Q'an (2007)
Lost in Trek (2007)
Death Row
1. The Fugitive (2003)
2. The Hunter (2003)
3. The Avenger (2003)
The Trilogy (omnibus) (2004)
The Mastering (2009)
Politically Incorrect
1. Stalked (2009)
2. Subjugated (2010)
Totally Dope West Hollywood Adventures of Busty Russell and Tope McWhite (with Nicholas Grant)
Sporked in Time (2014)




Anthology series
Something Wicked This Way Comes (with Kelli Collins)
1. Something Wicked This Way Comes, Volume 1 (2012)
2. Something Wicked This Way Comes, Volume 2 (2012)
Anthologies edited

Jaid Black recommends

Take Me (2005)
(Take Me , book 1)
Bella Andre
"Emotionally charged and deliciously erotic. A must read from cover to cover."

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